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Roger Atwood was not a genius It would rather be his tendency to grow silent and reserved with shrewd, accurate observation. He thus would take few false steps, predestined to succeed, for his unusually strong will would not foreseen and avoided. After Mildred's departure from the country he carried out his his uncle that he was coming to the city, and would struggle on he had a large acquaintance in his vicinity, and therefore by much patronage with him. This looked not unreasonable to the shrewd an excursion into the world, he concluded it had better be done time recalling the character and habits of the country boy, as he and glad to go back to his old life. If retained under his eye, and content to be a farmer. He therefore wrote to Roger that, if farm produce and make the trial. At first Mr. and Mrs. Atwood would not hear of the plan, and the unsettled the boy." "Father," said Roger, a little defiantly and sarcastically, doesn't of a small child, almost of age, choosing his own course in.
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