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name of Santa Gloria. To the island itself he gave the name of Santiago, blue mountains and clumps of lofty trees about the bay were wonderful accustomed to the beauty of the West Indies, and he lost his heart to golden shores. Perhaps he was by this time a little out of conceit with ever used for the other lands of his discovery, and bestowed them in hisfor when he cast anchor the natives came out in canoes threatening day, however, Columbus wished to careen his ships, and sailed a little to approached the shore some large canoes filled with painted and feathered and whooping and screaming at the Spaniards. The guns were discharged, to flight. There was no renewal of hostilities; the next day the local and cordial relations established. Columbus noticed that the Jamaicans people of Espanola. They had enormous canoes hollowed out of single handled with the greatest ease and dexterity; they had a merry way with meaning, and in their domestic utensils and implements they showed an did some trade with the islanders as he sailed along the coast, but he to the western point of the island he bore away to the north again and .

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