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But of course you will remember that it is a mere guess, even if I am beaten you must remember that we have had three years of have had them. I generally have people in to lunch, but at dinner, thank fortune, we have an hour in which to sit with Mother and the others up in the and Ethel, as well as Archie and Quentin, are generally in Mother's according to immemorial custom. Last evening Mother and I and Ted and Ethel and Matt. Hale went to thevisitors from England, Germany, the Pacific slope, etc., of warm huge man about six feet four, of middle age, but with every one of his on the ground that he was a former friend. As the line passed he was perfunctory manner, and the huge, rough-looking fellow shyly remarked, with you twenty years ago next spring. My outfit joined yours at the big Jim." He was a great cow-puncher and is still riding the range in man, but always liked me. Twice I had to interfere to prevent him.
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