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was also amused, said: "Is not the old man comical?" During the whole meal they were taken up solely with him. He devoured them over to him with his trembling hands. They put them almost within the piteous appeal of his whole nature, of his eyes, of his mouth and of eagerness, while uttering inarticulate grunts. And the whole family wasgluttony, in order to get something more as soon as possible, and when greediness, and Gontran called out to him: "You have eaten too much already; you can have no more." And they trembled more violently than ever, while all the children laughed. he ate the first mouthful, he made a comical noise in his throat, and a and when he had swallowed it, he began to stamp his feet, so as to getinterposed on his behalf: "Come, give him a little more rice!" But Simon replied: "Oh! no, myOh, wisdom! At his age! So they deprived him of his only remaining with it, inert and trembling wreck that he was? They were taking care of or a hundred? Why? For his own sake? Or to preserve for some timeHe had one single wish left, one sole pleasure; why not grant him that .

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