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Concord stages from the farther and nearer hotels. The drivers of the dripped into the green log at the barn; the passengers scattered about according to their several makes and moods. They could scarcely have sold them milk, if they wanted it, and small cakes of maple sugar if they much of her from the first; but some of them asked her if it were not scream at night, and the bears growl in the spring, it did seem lonesome. bear growl she should die, the woman answered, Well, she presumed we must words, for they were spoken with the same look she wore when she told three cents a cake. She did not change when she owned upon their urgence her husband, and the three lank boys with him were her sons; that the her two little girls; that the urchin who stood shyly twisted, all but with a mocking blue eye, was her youngest, and that he was three years conjecture that the space walled off in the farther corner of the orchard ladies could see than she had shown concerning the other facts, that the she had lost there had been ten children, and she had lost four. She did itself in curiosity as to the sickness they had died of; the ladies left .

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