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see them going without food. BARTHWICK. [Hastily.] Well--er--thank you, I just wanted to hear Jones--I think it is only fair to tell you, a silver cigarette-boxsir. BARTHWICK. Yes; you have not seen it, I suppose? MRS. JONES. [Realising that suspicion is upon her; with an uneasyyes, in this room. MRS. JONES. No, sir, I have n't seen it--of course if I 'd seen it head.] I have not seen it, and of course I don't know where it is. [She turns and goes quietly out.] BARTHWICK. H'm! [The three BARTHWICKS avoid each other's glances.]ACT II SCENE I The JONES's lodgings, Merthyr Street, at half-past two o'clock. The bare room, with tattered oilcloth and damp, distempered half-dressed; his coat is thrown across his feet, and muddy is opened and MRS. JONES comes in, dressed in a pinched black up in the "Times." She puts her parcel down, unwraps an apron, bacon. Taking a teapot from the cupboard, she rinses it, it on the hearth, and sitting in a wooden chair quietly begins two. JONES. What you back so soon for? .

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