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Mythology and the origin of Chinese culture

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On every occasion, and sometimes a little too much, Chinese lays stress on the age of their culture, and for good reasons. As a very advanced civilization, it is probably not the oldest one, but the only one of the ancient cultures that has survived until today: "5000 years of history, and 7000 years of culture". History clearly is not that old: we can find the oldest historical traces in the 13th century B.C. Stories of older events and people can not be proved by archeology, but some little truth must be behind the tales that covers the time up to the manufacturers of the world. Taming the waves of the Yellow River was essential to work on the fields and even to survive. Archeological findings show that many sites in the central plain have been overflooded almost every year.

The Chinese cosmogony

The Five Emperors

The invention of culture

The invention of technology
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