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acs of the tale Ramayana or others. China also knows this kind of leather made shadow puppets that are used in the same way like in Indonesia. The accompanying music, of course, is very different. Rhinoceros horn is actually not a horn like that of a buffalo that covers a spike on the skull of the animal. The rhino's horn is thoroughly made of ceratine and shows a smooth character. This 8 cm tall vessel the Qing Dynasty 清 is made in the shape of the antique jue 爵 drinking cup.

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tombs of pre-Shang cultures. The Warring States period and the Han dynasty was a flourishing time for lacquerware. Song artists invented the technique of lacquer carving (tihong 剔紅) and thus allowed the old art of lacquerware with its beautiful objects and designs to bloom newly in a renaissance that is still going on today. The Rhus lacquer is very resistant against alkalis and acids and thus was a widespread art material. The characteristic element that gives the lacquer its distinctive features is called "urushiol" ( the Japanese word for lacquer, urushi 漆 ). It made possible native designs in Burma and Japan, both famous for their lacquerware. The Chinese character for lacquer (qi) is a picture of liquid dropping a tree 桼. The modern form adds water as the determinant 漆.
Unearthed a tomb in Hunan the early Warring States period戰國, we find a wonderful piece of a liquid container. It has the shape of twisted and intertwined dragons, some of them in simple black, and some of them with red patterns. The body is made of wood and covered with lacquer.
This is a 20 cm long box with the shape of a duck. The upper part is a cover. Black as ground color, the shape of the feathers is painted in red, accomplished by a hunting picture on the lower corpus. A piece early Warring States period, the tomb of Marquis Zeng 曾侯.
An arm-rest the Warring States period, unearthed a tomb of the state of Chu 楚 in the south. The wooden piece is carved with many types of animals, deer and birds, real and fabulous beasts. The are covered with black and red lacquer, length 51 cm.
a southern tomb of the Qin Dynasty 秦, this 21 cm wide lacquer box is a beautiful example of early Chinese lacquer painting art. Again black as ground color, flowers and abstract ornaments are painted in red.
the same tomb in Yunmeng 雲夢/Hubei, a rectangular box with abstract patterns, length 23 cm.