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Chinese History - Qin Dynasty 秦朝 (221-206 BC)

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Qin Dynasty

period before (Zhou)
-- Postlude: Chu-Han
next period (Han)
Admired and cherished as a unifier, as a centralizer, as an architect of the Great Wall (Changcheng 長城) and of China herself, the First Emperor (Qin Shihuangdi) 秦始皇帝 was on the other side feared and hated as a tyrant, as a book-burner and a mass murderer. The Qin empire was founded at end of a war between a few powers that had lasted for more than two centuries. And it was the result of a development that created a highly centralized bureaucratic state out of a loose feudal system. While the rule of the two Qin emperors endured not even two decades, it marks nonetheless the beginning of a more than two thousand years long history of a centralized state with an emperor being the head of thousands of officers in a state with a likewise uniform cultureMap and Geography

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