Three Kingdoms belle's 三国美女
Xiao Qiao,小乔 中文说明


The wife of Zhou Yu and daughter of a poweful duke from the South Land. Also the sister of Da Qiao. She and her sister were called "The Two Qiaos", famed for their beauty.

"So beautiful are they that birds alight and fishes drown, the moon hides her face and the flowers blush for shame at sight of them."
Cao Cao greatly desired to possess the Two Qiaos. His son Cao Zhi wrote a poem about the Bronze Bird Terrace which contained the most beautiful women Cao Cao could collect. The poem contained a reference to the Two Qiaos. When Zhuge Liang recited this poem to Zhou Yu it provoked him into attacking Cao Cao.

Note: Xiao Qiao's name requires some explanation. In the novel she is never refered to by this name (doesn't really HAVE a name, actually). The people at Omega Force apparently took her last name and put "xiao" in front of it because it apparently means little, and she's the little sister of Da Qiao.