Three Kingdoms belle's 三国美女
Sun Shang Xiang,孙尚香 中文说明


Sun Shang Xiang was the daughter of Sun Jian and the sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan. When Liu Bei's wife Lady Gan died, Zhou Yu devised a plan to get Jingzhou from Shu. Under the pretense of joining the Sun and Liu families, Sun Quan offered his sister Sun Shang Xiang as a wife to Lui Bei, who accepted. Zhou Yu's plan was to lure Liu Bei into Wu territory and keep him there, asking for Jingzhou as ransom. Zhuge Liang, however, saw through the plot early on and prevented it from turning into a disaster for Shu. Liu Bei escaped through the influence of his wife, whose spirited scolding shamed the Wu guards into letting them pass through.

Sun Shang Xiang was used again in another plot for Jingzhou sometime later. Zhang Zhao proposed to send a letter to Sun Shang Xuang telling her that her mother was gravely ill and wished to see her daughter and Liu Bei's son Liu Chan. Zhang Zhao intended to ransom Liu Bei's wife and son in order to get Jingzhou, but luckily Zhao Yun showed up and took the child before Sun Shang Xiang could leave.

After this Sun Shang Xiang remained in Wu and never saw Liu Bei again, though she continued to love him. When she heard of his demise at Yi Ling, she cast herself into a river and died.

Sun Shang Xiang was described as "a tough lady", "always delighted to look upon war and is very fierce and determined." Though historically she never fought in any battles, her rooms were decorated with weapons and her handmaidens could fence.

Note: Sun Shang Xiang goes by various names in other Koei games. In the novel, she is called "Lady Sun" or "Sun Ren." In Dynasty Tactics, she's called "Sun Li." Sun Li and Sun Shang Xiang are the same person; Sun Quan and Sun Ce only had one sister. Also note that there is another Three Kingdoms character named "Sun Li," but this person is a man, and should not be confused with Lady Sun.