Checking the Caps
Adopting the Florida Marlins?
Study - Employee Sport Preferences
An Unusual Wrestling Match
Fishing Trip
Viking Fans
Football Broadcast Lines that Sound Dirty
4In the Rough
Teaching Wife to Golf
How to Fix a Dent in Your Car
Toughest Golf Shot
Vikings Flat Tire
Stevie Wonder and Tiger Woods
Silver Arrow
Golf Miracles
New Golfer
Christ Returns to the NBA
Dear Hunting
Blind Sky Diver
Why Football Players Have the Best Wives
The Rules of Golf
Golfer v. Sky Diver
Mute Golfer
What Would You do to Play a Better Round of Golf?
First Time Ice Fishing
Buffalo Bills and the Superbowl
The Gift
Times Change
Get a New Caddy
Vikings and Superbowl
Dead Duck
Bad Golfer
Bad Slice
Football Coach
Choose the Right Club
My Turtle is Faster than Your Dog
Bad Sky Diving Trip
Freshman Football Tryouts
Play It Where It Lays
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