Preacher's Ass (Donkey)
Church Bulletin Bloopers
Never Fall Asleep In Church
3.5Bible Verses
Just a Quick E-mail Note
Kids Interpret the Bible
Grandma Buys a Bumper Sticker
What Nationality was Jesus?
Religious Debate
The Painting Lesson
The Rabbi's Confessional
Priests on Vacation
Noah's Ark
Father and Son Interpret the Bible
River of God
Clearing the Church
Afraid of the Dark
The Flood
Copies of Copies
Pastor v. Choir Director
Drilling a Hole for the Halo
Loch Ness Monster and the Atheist
Give Us This Day Our Daily Chicken?
Relationship with God
How To Get to the Post Office
Conversation with God
Did God Make You?
Kids Explain the Bible
One Good Deed
Satans Visit
The Helpful Priest
Were You Gambling?
He Was a Saint
Scientists v. God
Who Gets the Collection Money?
Too Much of a Good Thing?
Which Service
The Pastor and the Bartender
God Will Provide
Catholic v. Jewish Golf Match
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