Witness Interviews Gone Bad
Lawyer One-Liners
Do You Know Me?
Where Lawyers Come From
Testimony of a Police Officer
A Lawyer's Perspective
Getting a Lawyer to Give to the United Way
A Kind Lawyer
Which to Shoot?
Pretending to be a Lawyer
Interviewing the Medical Examiner
Bribing the Judge
Funeral Plans
The His Arm Is Not Himself Defense
I'll Screw Anybody
4 Surgeons
Once a Lawyer ... Always a Lawyer
Your Lawyer is Dead
Life's Lost Laws
What Does Your Dad Do?
Lawyers v. The Bear
Bad News or Terrible News First
A Lawyer in King Solomon's Court
Early Death?
Lawyer's Death Bed
Guess Who?
Lawyers Make Bad Neighbors
Lawyer vs. Prostitute
The Devil Visits an Attorney
Lawyers Visit
An Honest Lawyer
The Half-Million Dollar Picture
Divorce Proceedings
A Lawyer's Ethical Dilemma
Be Careful When Robbing Lawyers
Bad Juror
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