The Jewish advisor

There once lived a king who had an advisor called Hymie. The king relied so much on the wisdom of Hymie that one day he decided to promote him to chief advisor. But the other advisors objected.

They said, "It's OK sitting in counsel with a Jew, but to allow him to boss us about would be unacceptable."

The King accepted their argument and ordered Hymie to convert. Hymie had to obey the King.

But soon after, Hymie felt great remorse and over the months that followed he became despondent, his health suffered and he grew weak.

Finally Hymie could take it no longer and made a decision. He went to the king and said, "I was born a Jew and a Jew I will always be. So do whatever you want with me."

The King had no idea Hymie felt so strong about his 'conversion'.

"OK," said the King, "if that's how you feel, go be a Jew again. The other advisors will just have to live with it. You're too important for me to lose."

On his way back home to tell the news to his family, Hymie felt the strength surge back into his body.

When he arrived, he called out to his wife, "Sarah, we can be Jews again, we can be Jews again."

Sarah glared at him and said, "Couldn't you wait until after Passover?"

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