Peace on You
The Christmas Bike
The Three Dwarfs
Stuff you should never say to a cop
How to Produce Ugly Children
Gray Hair
The 50th Anniversary
Wife is Leaving for Vegas
Blind Inspector
Rising to the Occasion
Kissing the Stone
Breaking Up
You Know Your Ugly When . . .
4Dead Donkey
You are like a TV
Ugly Children
Your Proctologist Called
another yo momma
The Best Way to Insult a Loser
Monica Lewinsky's Surgery
What Not To Say in Kansas
Wonder Panties
Cheapest Meat
The Police Academy
If I Were as Ugly as You . . .
Comeback - You're So Short
Send It To The City
Bad Dental Work
Your Leading a Sad Life When . . .
You Are So Cheap - Door Bell
Insult - You're So Stupid
Irish Queers
3 little boys
You Are So Poor - Kicking a Can
Prostitute with No Legs
Look! Twins!
Bottled Water
Helen Keller
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