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Device combs hair into your comb-over - Men's Health -

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Device combs hair into your comb-over - Men's Health -

New device combs hair into your comb-over

Laser brush boosts number of thick hairs on balding scalps, company says
?/font>Can you comb away baldness?
Feb. 15: It's called the HairMax Laser Comb and the Food and Drug Administration is now allowing it to be sold as a treatment for the most common form of male baldness. NBC's Robert Bazell reports.

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Bald may be beautiful, but for guys who don't share that opinion, help could be on the way.

A Florida company says it's come up with a handheld laser device that promotes hair growth. And now they say they've got the OK from federal regulators to sell it.

The "Hairmax Lasercomb," as it's known, is a combination of a low-level laser and a comb. It went through a six-month clinical trial conducted by its manufacturer, Lexington International LLC., during which the device increased the number of thick hairs on the scalp.

The device - sold online - is the only drug-free product meant for home use in combating hair loss that's won the endorsement of the FDA, the company said. But it's not cheap at a retail price of $545 dollars.

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