A few quotations from the characters in Romance of Three Kingdoms.

Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei were not born on the same day, but they wished to die at the same time.

Shown here: Three heroes swear brotherhood in the peach garden.

?"The peach trees in the orchard behind the house arejust in full flower. Tomorrow we will institute a sacrifice there and solemnlydeclare our intention before Heaven and Earth. And we three will swearbrotherhood and unity of aims and sentiments; thus will we enter upon our greattask."---Chapter 1---Zhang Fei suggested the oath of brotherhood toLiu Bei and Guan Yu.

?"The world can do without Cao Hong, but notwithout you, my lord!"---Chapter 6---when his general Cao Hongyielded his horse to Cao Cao, who was pursued by Lu Bu'sarmy.

?"He is far abler than I and fully equal to the task ofruling. Should he have doubts upon internal affairs, he must turn toZhang Zhao; for outer matters he must consultZhou Yu."---Chapter 29---said Sun Ce of his brotherSun Quan.

?Liu Bei wept. "If you will not, O Master, whatwill become of the people?"---Chapter 38---Liu Bei was pleadingZhuge Liang to aid him in restoring the empire.

?"General, if you will accept me, I will render whattrifling service I can."---Chapter 38---Zhuge Liang yielded toLiu Bei's call.

?"A fierce wild beast: If he comes, his prey will behumans!"---Chapter 3---said Zheng Tai of Dong Zhuo, who wasapproaching the capital with a huge army.

?"Do not fear, my father! I look upon all the lordsbeyond the passes as so much stubble. And with the warriors of our fierce army,I will put every one of them to death and hang their heads at the gates of thecapital."---Chapter 5---Lu Bu showed his awe over the lords whowere rebelling against Dong Zhuo.

?"With your aid I can sleep secure!"---Chapter5---Dong Zhuo was fully confident in his adopted son Lu Bu.

?When Lu Bu was very mellow, Wang Yunsuddenly said, "Let her come in!" Soon appeared two attendants, dressed in white, leading between them the exquisite and fascinating Diao Chan.---Chapter 8---Diao Chan entered politics.

?Guan Yu quickly mounted, turned down his mighty weapon,and galloped down the hill; his phoenix eyes rounded, and his silkworm eyebrowsfiercely bristling. He dashed straight into the enemy's array, and the northernsoldiers opened like falling waves and dissolving storms. He made directly forthe commander.---Chapter 25---The hero plunged into battlefield.

?As the men of Cas Cao came pressing on, Zhao Yundrew Cas Cao's own sword to beat them off. Nothing could resist the BlueBlade Sword. Armor, clothing, it went through without effort and blood gushedforth in fountains wherever it struck. So the four generals were soon beatenoff, and Zhao Yun was once again free.---Chapter 41---Zhao Yuntriumped against a myriad army.

?Tao Qian reluctantly sent the army out. From a distancehe saw Cas Cao's army spread abroad like frost and rushed far and widelike snow. In their midst was a large white flag and on both sides was written"Vengeance".---Chapter 10---Cas Cao marched to Xuzhou.

?Yu Jin rode forward shouting at the top of his voice,"Halt the train!" Xiahou Dun saw him coming up and asked what was thematter. Yu Jin said, "The roads here are narrow and difficult. Aroundus are thick forests. What if they use fire?" Xiahou Dun's ferocity hadthen somewhat abated and he turned his steed toward his main army. Then therearose a shout behind him. A rushing noise came from in the reeds and greattongues of flame shot up here and there. These spread and soon the fire was in"the four quarters and the eight sides," and fanned by a strongwind.---Chapter 39---Zhuge Liang's first battle.

?Zhou Yu said to Zhuge Liang, "I hold a sacred trust from my lord, Sun Ce. I would not bow the knee to any such as Cao Cao. What I said just now was to see how you stood. I left Poyang Lake with the intention of attacking the north, and nothing can change that intention, not even the sword at my breast or the ax on my neck."---Chapter 44---Zhou Yu, the guardian of the south.

?Huang Gai took his place on the third ship. He merelywore breast armor and carried a keen blade. On his flag were written four largecharacters "Van Leader Huang Gai". With a fair wind his fleetsailed toward the Red Cliffs.---Chapter 49---The start of the battle of RedCliffs.

?With a cry, Ma Chao set his spear and rode overtoward Cas Cao as if to slay him. But Yu Jin came out from behindand engaged Ma Chao in battle. These two fought some half score bouts,and then Yu Jin had to flee. Zhang He, however, took his placeand the two warriors exchanged twenty passes. Then Zhang He, too, ranaway. Next to come forth was Li Tong. Ma Chao's martial prowess wasnow at its height, and he made short work of Li Tong, who went out of thesaddle at the first blow. Then Ma Chao flourished his spear at the troopsbehind him as a signal for them to come on, which they did like a flood. Theyoverwhelmed Cas Cao's forces, and Ma Chao, Pang De, andMa Dai rode forward to try to capture Cas Cao.---Chapter58---Ma Chao in the battlefield.

?Sun Quan and Liu Bei stood both entranced bythe beautiful scene. And gradually along the vast river the wind whipped thewaves into snowy foam and raised them high toward heaven. And in the midst ofthe waves appeared a tiny leaf of a boat riding over the waves as if all wasperfect calm. "The northern people are riders and the southern peoplesailors; it is said quite true," sighed Liu Bei.---Chapter54---Liu Bei visited the South Land.

?The last night he spent in Jizhou, Cas Cao wentto the eastern corner tower and stood there regarding the sky. His onlycompanion was Xun You. Presently Cas Cao said, "That is avery brilliant glow there in the south. It seems too strong for me to doanything there." "What is there that can oppose your heaven-highprestige?" said Xun You.---Chapter 34---The southern awe.

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