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Healthy Fruit Smoothie

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Healthy Fruit Smoothie
Healthy Fruit Smoothie

Preparation Time: 30 minutes or less Cooking Time: 30 minutes or less Serves: 2


I've been making these for years now and I'll let you know up front that it is a very forgiving recipe. It would be really hard to mess it up. That said, lets take a look at the ingredients.

1 Cup of yogurt (i used strawberry fruit on the bottom)
1 Small container of fruit juice (I used 100% juice Mango Passion)
1 Banana
1 Cup Strawberries
1 Cup Raspberries
1 Cup Blueberries

Other than that all you need is a blender and a crude measuring system...i just used a glass out of my cabinet that i know is roughly a cup.

You can use fresh or frozen fruit. I am using frozen because a) Its what I have and b) it makes for a slightly thicker smoothie without the need of ice cubes

The steps are very straightforward:

Step 1:

Peel the banana, break it in half, and put into the blender facing up ideally.

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