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All Night Pork Butt

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All Night Pork Butt
All Night Pork Butt

It was my first all nighter. I lit a full load of lump (well above the fire ring) about 10 PM and set my NuTemp to let me know if it fell below 220°.

It woke me about 3 AM and I opened up the vents just a hair (I had them both at minimum hairline setting) and went back to bed. Around 5 AM the wind woke me up and I checked the temp. It was 289° so I got up and closed em down again. Then the wind really started to blow as a "norther" blasted in and we had gusts up to 50 mph and the outside temp dropped 30° (to 30°F). It's getting cold down in Texas!

The egg held a steady 229° till about 11 AM when the temp began to drop. I pulled the butt as the coal were just about used up. Had the fire held up I would have gone longer. As it was I got about 13 hours out of one fuel load under less that favorable conditions.

This was what greeted me as I got up around 9:30 am the next morning. Internal temp was about 190°. I let it ride for another hour or so.

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