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Love Me Tenderloin

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Love Me Tenderloin
Love Me Tenderloin

It was a beautiful spring day and the redbud was in full bloom. The Egg was lonely and desired companionship.

I was wanting to try something new with the Egg.
She can be a fickle mistress and she was become bored with some of her more common companions so I decided to woe her with a whole beef tenderloin. I picked up an attractive five pounder at the local meat market. After I got it home I felt it was more meat than four people would probably consume in one session so I cut a piece out and went for the configuration you see here. My plan was to cook the smaller piece a little longer so that the Ravnest could have her portion closer to the medium end. I knew I would not be able to cook the main event past medium rare.
I had agonized over whether or not to stuff the loin with something like lobster, spinach, crab or perhaps crawfish. The Ravnest is not a big fan of the crustacean so we decided to go with a basic approach on this first attempt with a semi-whole loin. I gave the loin a nice wash of olive oil, caressed with a light dusting of brown sugar, kosher salt and pepper and then ground on a good coating of coarse black pepper.

At the last minutes I concluded that something was missing. I procured some bacon for the fridge that was of a higher quality than was necessary for the job at hand. However it was all that I had so as you can see I had a beef tenderloin wrapped in pork that was more ham than bacon.

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