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Austin Pork Butt

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Austin Pork Butt
Austin Pork Butt

This afternoon as I was shopping for spareribs to cook on the Bandera I spotted a Boston butt weighing in at whopping 2.5 pounds! I had been desiring to see what "pulled pork" was all about so I brought it home.
I mixed some vinegar, red wine, red and black pepper in a bag and marinated for about an hour as I tended the Bandera. I then ground coarse black pepper and kosher salt onto the meat.
I had intended to start the cook on the Egg at bed time but was advised by the Forum that since the butt was a tad diminutive by "pulled pork standards" 5 or 6 hours might be a more appropriate cook time. As I intend to sleep well past that time frame the plan was changed.

I was already cooking spareribs on the Bandera so I decided to utilize it's more than ample cooking space. She was cruising at a nice smoky 250°. I tossed the butt on the Bandera about 6:00 pm and let em ride.

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