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Rainbow Trout

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Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout & New Caledonia Shrimp

After a physical upon reaching fifty years of age, I received a cholesterol report that indicated I have been eating way too much red meat. In the interest of a future that includes a working heart, I decided to add a lot more fish to my diet. As luck would have it, I have an excellent store in town called Central Market that has a wonderful fish market teeming with fresh finned friends of the watery world. After perusing the vast collection available, I opted for a couple of rainbow trout and some fresh New Caledonia shrimp.
I removed the heads from the shrimp, peeled the shell, and skewered them on a bamboo skewer. I then gave them a nice bath of Italian Dressing. I repeated the bath on both trout and placed in the refrigerator.

I built a nice fire in the Egg and let the temperature rise to about 375°. I then opened up the trout and placed them skin side down on the raised grill. The shrimp followed suit. I closed the lid and let it ride.

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