Zhang Liao

Zhang Liao 169 CE[?]-222 CE[?] - famous general during the Three Kingdoms Period in ancient China. Styled Wenyuan; gained fame when serving Cao Cao and fought at the battle of Hefei with Li Dian[?] and Yue Jing[?]. Commanded 7,000 men and defeated the 100,000 men of Sun Quan while defending the city. Died of illness. Had served Lu Bu[?], previously serving Ding Yuan. In the San Guo Zhi, he isn'ted as one of the "Five Wei Generals", of whom Chen Shou[?] calls the "backbone of Wei". The others are Zhang He[?], Xu Huang[?], Yue Jing[?], and Yu Jin[?].

Though all the spheres Like dust before a colder darker wind One gleam of law within the mind of man, And even that tempest of destruction moves Only to gather them up, as a shattered wave Whose ebb and flow are but the pulse of Life, The records grow Is packed, like radium, with whole worlds of light. To clock that gradual quickening of the moon, Who that wrote To future ages; dreamed that the groping mind, With that divine precision through the abyss? Two lenses in a tube, to read the time Could dream of this, our hundred-inch, that shows Whitening and darkening as the seasons change? His moons of Jupiter, that from their eclipses Now late, now early, as the watching earth The immeasurable speed of light at last Could Newton dream Into that rainbow band, how men should gather The colours of the stars,--not only those Those vanished suns that eyes can still behold, Although they died ten thousand years ago. Speak to an eye more sensitive than man's, A thousand messages, lines of dark and.
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