Liu Bei

Liu Bei (劉備 liu2 bei4) was a virtuous man who ruled the Shu Kingdom[?], during the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Liu Bei was the sworn brother of both Zhang Fei[?] and Guan Yu. After the fall of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bei served under Cao Cao, the leader of Wei[?]. But soon, it was clear that two heroes could not co-exist. He waged war against Cao Cao, but it was certain that Shu would lose.

So Zhuge Liang[?], the best strategist of the age, suggested they ally with the Sun (pronounced "Soon") Family of Wu. They fought in great battles such as The Battle of Chi Bi[?], where, with the help of Wu, they burned the ground and sealed Cao Cao's fate. After the victory at Chi Bi, the Wei army greatly reduced, and Liu Bei formed a capital for his kingdom.

There is a Playstation 2 game series dedicated to the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms called Dynasty Warriors (latest installment is DW4).

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