Jin Dynasty (265-420) : Jin dynasty (265-420)

The Jin Dynasty (晉 jin4, 265-420) followed the Three Kingdoms and preceded the Southern and Northern Dynasty in China.

Jin Dynasty (265-420) Sovereigns
Posthumous Names ( Shi Hao 諡號) Born Names Period of Reigns Era Names (Nian Hao 年號) and their according range of years
Convention: "Jin" + posthumous name
Western Jin Dynasty 265-317
Wu Di (武帝 wu3 di4)[?] Sima Yan|司馬炎 si1 ma3 yan2 265-290 Taishi (泰始 tai4 shi3) 265-274
Xianning (咸寧 xian2 ning2)275-280
Taikang (太康 tai4 kang1) 280-289
Taixi (太熙 tai4 xi1) 290
Hui Di (惠帝 hui4 di4)[?] Sima Zhong|司馬衷 si1 ma3 zhong1 290-306 Yongxi (永熙 yong3 xi1) 290
Yongping (永平 yong3 ping) 291
Yuankang (元康 yuan2 kang1) 291-299
Yongkang (永康 yong3 kang1) 300-301
Yongning (永寧 yong3 ning2) 301-302
Taian (太安 tai4 an1) 302-303
Yongan (永安 yong3 an1) 304
Jianwu (建武 jian4 wu3) 304
Yongan (永安 yong3 an1) 304
Yongxing (永興 yong3 xing1) 304-306
Guangxi (光熙 guang1 xi1) 306
Huai Di (懷帝 huai2 di4)[?] Sima Chi|司馬熾 si1 ma3 chi4 307-311 Yongjia (永嘉 yong3 jia1) 307-313
Min Di (愍帝 min3 di4)[?] Sima Ye|司馬鄴 si1 ma3 ye4 313-317 Jianxing (建興 jian4 xing1) 313-317
Eastern Jin Dynasty 317 AD - 420 AD
Yuan Di (元帝 yuan2 di4)[?] Sima Rui|司馬睿 si1 ma3 rui4 317-322 Jianwu (建武 jian4 wu3) 317-318
Daxing (大興 da4 xing1) 318-321
Yongchang (永昌 yong3 chang3) 321-322
Ming Di (明帝 ming2 di4)[?] Sima Shao|司馬紹 si1 ma3 shao4 322-325 Yongchang (永昌 yong3 chang3) 322-323
Taining (太寧 tai4 ning2) 323-325
Cheng Di (成帝 cheng2 di4)[?] Sima Yan|司馬衍 si1 ma3 yan3 325-342 Taining (太寧 tai4 ning2) 325
Xianhe (咸和 xian2 he2) 326-334
Xiankang (咸康 xian2 kang1) 335-342
Di (康帝 kang1 di4)[?] Sima Yue|司馬岳 si1 ma3 yue4 342-344 Jianyuan (建元 jian4 yuan2) 343-344
Mu Di (穆帝 mu4 di4)[?] Sima Dan|司馬聃 si1 ma3 dan1 345-361 Yonghe (永和 yong3 he2) 345-356
Shengping (升平 sheng1 ping2) 357-361
Ai Di (哀帝 ai1 di4)[?] Sima Pi|司馬丕 si1 ma3 pi1 361-365 Longhe (隆和 long2 he2) 362-363
Xingning (興寧 xing1 ning2) 363-365
Hai Xi Gong (海西公 hai3 xi1 gong1)[?] Sima Yi|司馬奕 si1 ma3 yi4 365-371 Taihe (太和 tai4 he2) 365-371
Jian Wen Di (簡文帝 jian3 wen2 di4)[?] Sima Yu|司馬昱 si1 ma3 yu4 371-372 Xianan (咸安 xian2 an1) 371-372
Xiao Wu Di (孝武帝 xiao4 wu3 di4)[?] Sima Yao|司馬曜 si1 ma3 yao4 372-396 Ningkang (寧康 ning2 kang1) 373-375
Taiyuan (太元 tai4 yuan2) 376-396
An Di (安帝 an1 di4)[?] Sima De Zong|司馬德宗 si1 ma3 de2 zong1 396-418 Longan (隆安 long2 an1) 397-401
Yuanxing (元興 yuan2 xing1) 402-404
Yixi (義熙 yi4 xi1) 405-418
Gong Di (恭帝 gong1 di4)[?] Sima De Wen|司馬德文 si1 ma3 de2 wen2 419-420 Yuanxi (元熙 yuan2 xi1) 419-420

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