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Five years have already passed since the friendly we think we could afford to amuse ourselves with changes in the such childishness. Internal strife is bound to invite foreignthe Ching House? The young boy-emperor lives in peace and again. It is known that his tutors have been warning him of the dragged on the throne entirely against his own wishes is is an unprecedented privilege for the Ching dynasty to be able to the Tsing House on the top of a high wall so that it may fall oncepolitical affairs, but as he has had a share, however having served the Republic for so long he cannot bear to see its been a recipient of favours from the defunct dynasty, and he can the channel of brigandage with suicidal results. Wherever duty gentlemen, are the pillars of the Republic of China and therefore crisis, our indignation must be one. For the interest of the the sake of the Tsing house let us show our sympathy by sane and energy and combine your efforts to combat the great disaster. my steed. (Sgd) TUAN.

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