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Thou pledge of certain plenty, peace, and rest.For there is mourning now in Israel, Is plucked and withered. Ripe of years was he. Upon his chosen globe. For he was one Morn found him not as one who slumbereth, Stole o'er him at his labors to requiteWhat shall be said when such as he do pass? Fall midst that peopled silence on your knees, But mourn him not, whose blameless life complete Whom we must follow, but may not recall. And offer honeyed fruits as were he here, THE VALLEY OF BACA. PSALM LXXXIV. Anigh its margin, brushed by heavy trees. Fretting the willows and the cypresses. An awful presence hath its dwelling-place. His head was circled with a crown of thorn, His wayworn feet by stones were cut and torn. Of terror of the angel of the Lord. Fell and encompassed him. I might not see Wherethrough he staggered with his misery. The smitten head and writhing form enwound. Those clinging vapors blotting out the sky. Discomfited, had left the victory But from the hill-tops its salvation hailed. .
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