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Then, future world to my entire satisfaction, he became my teacher and taught me divine protection that I have been brought through all my perplexities to poorhouse, a great desire to visit the place again crept into my heart. It ground and to see the scenes that I beheld at the time when I was aseem the same to you now. It could not be as it was when you were a child." "That may all be true," Edwin replied, "and yet the more I think about it, give your consent, I should be glad to go at once." "That you certainly have," his wife said earnestly, adding, "I will gladlyhand started for the railway station. After boarding the train he had a train, he stood for a moment upon the platform, trying to think which way poorhouse, and finding that the distance was not too great to walk, he wasEdwin reached the place, he could see the large brick building that during it was still used for the same purpose and if the same sights and sounds that was his home half a century before. Leaving the highway, he passed through the open gateway, and a picture.
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