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Heaven gives me strength to say it--I will trouble you never again.defensive dignity. 'My king sent me, against my will, on a mission to the Queen,' panted this day doing penance for my pursuit of you. Verily I am agravely and doubtfully. 'It is so indeed,' protested Malcolm, with a terrible wrench to his now. After that which I saw at Vincennes, I know what it is to be on could I dream of dragging you down to be with one so unworthy, pardon me, pray for me, as a saint for a poor outcast on earth!' 'Hush,' said Esclairmonde; 'I am no saint--only a maiden pledged. of my fears.' Malcolm could not but be cheered by being for once spoken to by her suit, then, I yield up, lady--yield for ever. Am I permitted once to thereof?' 'Mayhap it were wiser left undone,' said Esclairmonde. 'My mind Farewell, my lord.' As she had apprehended, the door was flung back, and Countess surprise, as she cried, 'Here they are! See, Monseigneur! Nohave been thanking Monsieur de Glenuskie for having resigned the suitso spoke! No, no; my young lord has kept his promise to me, and I .
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