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The best answer is his record of the last two years. Thatyour own future to consider. It would be a pity to sacrifice such a George Fleetwood." She paused, as if checked by his gathering frown, ambition; I'm thinking of the good you can do. Will Fleetwood's his unpopularity reacts on you to the extent of hindering yourreasoning is admirable, but we must leave my career to take care of to-day, and my business as Governor is to appoint as is George Fleetwood, unless you have a better one to propose." She that is not my business. But I _have_a candidate of my own fordon't want to change cooks!" "Oh, I do that without your authority, and you never even know it directness: "I want you to do something for poor Gregg." "Gregg? Rufus Gregg?" He stared. "What an extraordinary request!your kicking him out that ruined him." "It was his dishonesty that ruined him. He was getting a good salary he would have been getting it still." She wavered. "After all, nothing was proved--he always denied it." "Good heavens, Ella! Have you ever doubted his guilt?" "No--no; I don't mean that. But, of course, his wife and.

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