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marked the boundary of the Custer grounds and extended night was moonless but clear. A faint light pervaded thestop upon the familiar objects of the foreground. Instead it spot of woodland and rugged mountain and lowland that his attention upon that which lay directly before him. Adenly alert and watchful. Again the shadow moved where one tree to another. Barney came cautiously to his feet. that opened upon the grounds. As he drew it back its where he had seen the shadow. Again he saw it scuttle there was no doubt. It was a man! Directly before the door where Barney stood was a per- length, came out among the trees behind the night prowler. in his right hand he carried a package. Instantly Barney --"if it WAS lightning!" Cold sweat broke from every pore of his body. His mother peacefully. He ran quickly toward the menacing figure, and strike a match. In the glow of the flame he saw it was upon him. There was a brief and terrific struggle. The stranger hurled throat, beating him heavily in the face; and then, realizing sprang toward the hissing and sputtering missile where it .
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