Heart Sutra  

well on the Kuan Yin Path, practice is a moment-to-moment
affair from the day that they have accepted Kuan Yin into their
hearts till the day enlightenment is won. However, beginners
of the path are advised to practise as best as they can, aiming
for gradual progress and refraining from over-commit ment, to
spiritual development unless they have experienced teachers to
guide them. Devotion and faith in Kuan Yin cannot be acquired
hurriedly but can be won over a period of time.
is chapter on Kuan Shih Yin P'usa can hardly be completed
without the inclusion of the Heart Sutra and the Dharani of
Great Compassion, both of which are daily recited by those
who are commit ed to the Kuan Yin Path of Great Wisdom and
e eart utra
When the Bodhisat va Avalokitesvara was practising the pro-
found Prajna Paramita, he il uminated the five aggregates, and
saw in their own being to be empty.
"Sariputra, form is here emptiness, Emptiness is form; form is
no other than emptiness, emptiness is no other than form. at
which is form is emptiness, that which is emptiness is form.
e same is true of feelings, perception, mental formations and

Sariputra, all things are marked with emptiness: they are not
born or destroyed; they are not pure or impure, nor do they wax
or wane.
erefore, Sariputra, in emptiness, there is no form, no feeling, no
perception, no mental formation, no consciousness; no eye, ear,
nose, tongue, body, mind; no form, sound, smel , taste, touch, or
objects; no eye-element, and so forth up to mind-consciousness
ere is no knowledge, no ignorance, no extinction of know-
ledge, no extinction of ignorance and so forth up to no old age
and death, no extinction of old age and death; there is no suf-
fering, no cause, no end, no path; there is no knowledge, and no
erefore, Sariputra, because nothing is attained, the Bodhi-
sat va who relies on Prajna Paramita has his mind free from
obstacles. With the mind free from obstacles, He overcomes fear
and goes beyond perverted views, and attains to Nirvana!
All the Buddhas of the three periods of time, through reli-
ance on the Prajna Paramita, attain to the Perfect and Highest
erefore, one should know that Prajna Paramita as the great
supernatural Mantra, the great bright, unsurpassed and un-
equal ed Mantra which can truly and without fail wipe out all