Kuan Yin Festivals  

shows her with her acolytes, Shen-tsai with the praying gesture
and Lung-nu holding the flaming pearl.
Due to the legend of Miao Shan, Pu'to island has become the
most sacred place of pilgrimage for Kuan Yin devotees. From
it we are also able to learn of how the other two great Bodhi-
sat vas Wen-shu and Pu-Hsien, came to be flanking Kuan Yin
as depicted in the Pantheon of Deities. Wen-shu P'usa, bet er
known to other Buddhists as Manjusri Bodhisat va, `the Rider
of the Green Lion, the Completely Beautiful, the Very Virtu-
ous P'usa, is none other than Miao Ching while Pu' Hsien, the
Rider of the White Elephant, the Very Virtuous and Completely
Resplendent P'usa, is the other sister Miao Yin'.
uan in estivals
ree days a year devout Kuan Yin devotees celebrate the three
festivals which are at ributed to the life of Princess Miao Shan,
the Chinese emanation of Kuan Yin. is legend of the sweet and
virtuous Miao Shan has so captivated the hearts of the Chinese
people that she outshines al other deities in the land, be they of
Buddhist, Taoist or any other origins. She is adored as the God-
dess of Mercy and in al the other female Kuan Yin manifestations
as described earlier. e three auspicious days are:
2nd Moon 19th Day -- which marks the Day She was Born.
6th Moon 19th Day -- which marks the Day She Entered

the Nunnery.


9th Moon 19th Day -- which marks the Day She Attained

On these days, devotees and those who have received favours
from Kuan Yin flock to the various temples to make offerings,
set birds and animals free, observe a full day vegetarian diet,
perform all kinds of charitable acts, visit old folks homes or
orphanages bearing gifts and good wishes, and observe the Five,
Eight or Ten Precepts very seriously. General y the Five Precepts
are observed and they consist of:
Not kil ing or harming living beings.
Not taking what is not given.
Not indulging in sexual activities.
Not indulging in false speech.
Not consuming intoxicants of any kind.
e entire day is spent in quietude, contemplating on the Great
Vows of Kuan Yin to save all sentient beings and to forsake the
bliss of Nirvana, or on the great virtuous qualities of this great
Mother of Mercy such as loving-kindness, compassion and wis-
dom. e more energetic ones may indulge in a full day's prac-
tice of prayer-recitation, Sutra-reading fol owed by meditation
on the happiness of others and then transfer all merits accumu-
lated to all sentient beings.
is does not mean that Kuan Yin fol owers practise virtuous
deeds on these and other festive days only. To those who are