(Namo to the Greatly Compassionate Kuan Shih Yin P'usa)
or, one may recite her mantra of Universal Protection:
e power of the function of reciting any of the above prayers is
inconceivable. If someone has grave problems or even demonic
obstructions and recites Kuan Yin P'usa's name or the Mani
Mantra, the problems will disappear or the demon will run away.
ere are many people who are suffering from having a lot of de-
sires which are their causes of unhappiness, desires such as greed
for wealth, social status, fame, sex, food and other mundane
things, these people should try to recite constantly the name of
Kuan Yin and their useless desires will melt away.
Desire arises out of thoughts. Many people are not aware of
their thoughts even though they are very harmful to them and
to others. eir minds are not real y clear so that even thoughts
of greed, anger, lust, and ignorance are left unchecked and in
time evil deeds will be commit ed. ose who wish to rid their
mind of greed and desire should constantly recite, "Namo Ta-Pei
Kuan Shih Yin P'usa", with the deepest respect and all their at-
tention focused on it. In time the efficacy of this recitation will
be felt and all kinds of defiled thoughts will soon disappear. To
ful y understand what is meant by this description of the power
of holding Kuan Yin's name, one should give it a try -- `experi-
ence is always the best teacher'.