Manjusri, if you see a pious man or woman who suffers from
a disease, you shall do the fol owing whole-heartedly for these
people: let them keep clean by taking frequent baths and rinse
their mouths, give them food, medicine and clean water, and re-
cite the Dharani for a hundred and eight times, then all diseases
will disappear entirely. If one should have a particular wish, he
should concentrate and recite the magical formula. en he will
fulfill all he wishes, he will be without disease, and will live
longer. After his death, he will be born in paradise without hav-
ing to return to this world, and will in the end attain perfect
While reciting the above dharani or the Buddha's name, one
should contemplate on the Buddha's image and then one may
arrive at the state of the Buddha-recitation samadhi when one
is reciting and yet not reciting, not reciting and yet reciting. For
those who do not have an image of the Buddha, either of the two
pictures on Yao Shih Fwo should serve the purpose. e same
is true of all the il ustrations of the Buddhas and Bodhisat vas
provided in this book; they are all suitable objects of meditation
or contemplation.
Here is a simple method of practice which may be of some help
to those who have no idea of how to pray and therefore are
not likely to have a Buddha image. Worship can be practised
anywhere but a quiet and clean room is the most suitable. Place
before you the image or picture of the Buddha that you would
like to worship. Gaze at the picture for a minute or two to calm
your mind and generating the desire to worship. Lightly close