Pure Land Buddhism  

in China as the larger part of its populace do not belong to the
scholarly class. It should not be looked upon as a lowly method
of practice for whether one chooses to practise the easy way of
faith or the difficult way of wisdom, the ultimate goal is the
same -- just as one can climb up a mountain top from the north,
south, east or west side.

P'usa and surrounded by the assembly of Divinities. Constant
practise will eventual y lead one to arrive at a stage of perfect
concentration so that the Buddha is in his mouth as he recites
His name, in his ears as he listens to the recitation, and in his
mind as he visualises Him.
ure and uddhism
Pure Land Buddhism known as the Lotus School of Buddhism
or CH'ING TU, is, in short, the Buddhism of Faith and Devotion
meant for those lacking in wisdom to comprehend the profound
teachings of the Buddha Sakyamuni, and therefore having to re-
sort to the use of Faith in the saving power of Amitabha Buddha.
It is therefore cal ed the `easy path' since the way to attain re-
birth in the Pure Land is by way of a simple faith and a simple
invocation. e Pure Land is also cal ed the Western Paradise
since it is located in the far distant Western Quarters of the
Universe. It should be treated as a stepping stone to Nirvana and
therefore beings who take rebirth there are not to be considered
as enlightened beings.
Pure Land Buddhism is Mahayana Buddhism as it teaches the
universality of salvation. Its particular duty is to give help to
common beings so that Enlightenment is not less accessible to
them even though they are not intel igent enough to understand
the Dharma. e Buddha's compassion is infinite and he exists
to save all beings in the universe whether they are wise or stu-
pid because the Buddha-nature is equal y present in all of them.
Ch'ing Tu thus became the most acceptable form of Buddhism

e above il ustration is from an old Tibetan Text which depicts
the granduer of Sukhavati or the Western Paradise of Amitabha
Buddha. It is a paradise which is rich and prosperous, comfort-
able, fertile, delightful and crowded with Bodhisat vas, Devas
and men. In this Buddha-field there are no hel , no animals, no
ghosts or evil spirits, no Asuras and none of the inauspicious places
of rebirth. It is empty of suffering of any kind. In this Pure Iand
sweet fragrance fil s the air and it is rich in a great variety of flow-
ers and fruits, various plumed birds with exotic sweet voices sing
verses of the Dharma and bejeweled trees of many colours can be
found everywhere. Amitabha Buddha can be seen at the centre of
the picture surrounded by the happy beings of the realm.