Method of Prayer-Recitation  

While practising `nien-fwo' it is important to adopt a correct sit-
ting posture, a concentrated mind which is faith-fil ed and a firm
desire to be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha. One must
also be aware that salvation is not affected solely by Amitabha's
powers but mainly by one's own constant effort in the practice. It
is preferable to have an image of the Buddha in front so that the
eyes can look at it during the recitation. And while the mouth
recites the Buddha's name, the ears listen at entively to the six-
syl ables "NA-MO-O-MI-TO-FWO" so that the mind is in full
concentration and not al owed to move about freely.
Beginners will find that they are faced with a scat ered mind
which make them restless, feel heavy or even frustrated. is
outcome is quite normal so that they should not give up the
practice easily but instead recognise the fact that their minds
have been lacking in concentration and discipline. ey should
also appreciate having found a practice which will help them
to get rid of their unruly minds and accept the great chal enge
to succeed instead of being discouraged. With patience, they
should try harder and continue the recitation with renewed vig-
our. After some time the result of their efforts will be felt as the
quiet-mind arises and then `nien-fwo' will henceforth be quite
easy to practise.
e more advanced ones may practise reciting the Buddha's
name while meditating on the mental image of Him or e
Pure Land scene which shows Amitabha Buddha being flanked
by His foremost disciples Kuan Shih Yin P'usa and Ta-Shih-Chi