act upon this, if we sincerely fol ow the path that has been trod-
den by the Buddha, then we are real y going for Refuge to the
Buddha -- the First Refuge.
he harma
Going for Refuge to the Dharma is to accept it as the path that
leads to Enlightenment. It is also the path of human develop-
ment for it is the Teaching about the nature of life. It is pure by
nature and bright like a light that destroys the darkness of Igno-
rance. It consists of the Truths as taught by the Buddha who has
discovered and practised them in his lifetime so it is the Way of
cultivation. Dharma is whatever helps us to be wise and compas-
sionate, whatever helps us to lead a pure and beneficial life, a life
of harmlessness towards all other living beings.
he angha
Final y the meaning of the Refuge in the Sangha. When go-
ing for Refuge to the Sangha we should not think of Refuge-
going to the community of monks and nuns for though some
of them are noble, a good number are still worldlings practicing
Dharma. Among the lay community too, there may be those
who are Noble. e noble monks, nuns and laity together form
the Noble Order which, as it is made up of those who are able
teachers of the Dharma, is truly a secure Refuge. In practical
terms the Sangha Refuge means that it is the duty of those who
are capable to help the other to know more about the Dharma.
is is what is meant by the Sangha Refuge.