Six Paramitas  

of many a Chinese Buddhist. May it also change your view and
quality of life.
he ix aramitas
is doctrine teaches the practice of the Perfection of the Six
Virtues that will ferry one beyond the sea of immortality to
Nirvana. ey consist of the perfections of Giving, Morality,
Patience, Perseverance, Meditation and Wisdom which lead to
Bodhisat vahood.
GIVING (DHANA) includes all forms of charity and the impart-
ing of Dharma to others.
MORALITY (SILA) which requires one to be ethical, to destroy
all evil passions through the keeping of the Precepts. Although
there are Ten Great Precepts which all Buddhists should try their
very best to keep each day, only the first five are bet er known or
kept by the average practitioners and they are:
1. To abstain from kil ing.
2. To abstain from stealing.
3. To abstain from sexual misconduct.
4. To abstain from lying.
5. To abstain from intoxicants.
6. To abstain from harsh speech.
7. To abstain from slanderous speech.
8. To abstain from covetousness.
9. To abstain from hatred or animosity.
10. To abstain from errorneous views.