Noble Eightfold Path  

which is the Truth of Cause; to practise at al times the Bodhi-
sat va Way, which is the Truth of the Truth of the Cause, thereby
extinguishing al kinds of sufferings -- the Truth of Extinction.
For those who sought to be Sravakas the Buddha taught the Law
of the Four Noble Truths for the overcoming of birth, old age,
disease and death, and final y leading to Nirvana. A Sravaka is
one who listened to the preaching of the Buddha and whose goal
is to become an Arahant.
For those who sought to be Pretyekabuddhas, the Buddha
preached the Law of the Twelve Causes or Dependent Origina-
tions. A Pratyekabuddha is one who is self-enlightened, and hav-
ing done so, does not give teaching to others.
For the Bodhisat vas the Buddha preached the Six Paramitas or
Perfections, to cause them to at ain Perfect Enlightenment and to
at ain Wisdom. A Bodhisat va is one wishing to live for the bene-
fit of al living beings and therefore strives for Buddhahood so
that upon at ainment, wil assist others towards the same goal.
he oble ightfold ath
is Path that leads to the cessation of sorrow may be explained
RIGHT UNDERSTANDING means the knowledge of the Four Noble
Truths so that one is able to understand things as they real y are.

RIGHT THOUGHT means developing the noble qualities of love
and the aversion to cause hurt to others.
RIGHT SPEECH is to abstain from lying, idle-talk, slander and
harsh words.
RIGHT ACTION is to abstain from taking life, taking what is not
given, and sexual misconduct.
RIGHT LIVELIHOOD is to avoid any occupation that causes harm
to others such as sel ing intoxicants of any kind, arms, poison
and weapons, butchering, slave-trafficking, hunting, fishing and
RIGHT EFFORT requires assiduous self-discipline to attain full
control of the mind so that evil mental states are rejected and
wholesome mental states developed.
RIGHT MINDFULNESS means developing full awareness of all
actions of the body, speech and mind and to al ow nothing to
happen heedlessly or mechanical y that may turn into an un-
wholesome act.
RIGHT CONCENTRATION is to attain mental quietude and
the wisdom to realise the full significance of the Four Noble
He who accepts this noble Path as his way of life will have his
mind free from selfish desires, hatred and cruelty and will be
saturated with the spirit of selflessness, loving-kindness and
harmlessness. He will be a blessing to himself and others for he
will live his life in perfect peace.