Tenchi wo Kurau - Dynasty Wars


Video Game

In this beat'em up, Chinese heroes of the Three Kingdoms saga mount their horses and slash their way through hordes of enemy infantry in order to unite ancient China!+
The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Heaven and Earth Recieving Blows'.
The Tenchi wo Kurau series is based on the Chinese tale best known as Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

UnArchive rar, click callus95.exe to run.
Click windows menu:"Game"->"Load"
Click "Tenchi wo Kurau(Japan)" to play.

default game controls:
Basic keyboard Set: Throws coin F3,F4. Game Start:F1,F2., Acceleration +, deceleration -. close:Esc

1P keyboard Set
Direction: keyboard ↑↓←→
Left Attack:number pad INS(0), Right Attack:number pad DEL(.), Support::PgDn(3)

2P keyboard Set
Direction:keyboard ↑W ↓S ←A →D
Left Attack::J ,Right Attack:K ,Support::L
Holds down the attack to construct gathers the strength, after loosening, sole direction force attack technique,

Breaks the demijohn, kills the enemy who rides a horse to fall red or the blue color ball, eats the red add blood, the blue color add attack power.
-Click - ↓ the address,open the window to downloading. Please the few marquises, the data be being read...