Tenchi wo Kurau II-Warriors Of Fate

中文版吞食天地II赤壁之战 Video Game
The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Heaven and Earth Recieving Blows II - Battle of Red Wall'

This game is known in US as "Warriors of Fate" and in Asia as "Sangokushi II
4 Chinese heroes attempt to unite China by defeating the hordes of enemies who stand in their way!

The background and all characters were based on an actual history : The Period of Three Kingdoms after the 'Han' Dynasty in China. Character designs were based on a popular Japanese manga called 'Destruction of Heaven and Earth' published by Shueisha in Japan and created by Moto Kikaku.

UnArchive rar, click callus95.exe to run.
Click windows menu:"Game"->"Load"
Click "Warriors Of Fate(world)" to play.

default game controls:
Basic keyboard Set: Throws coin F3,F4. Game Start:F1,F2., Acceleration +, deceleration -. close:Esc

1P keyboard Set
Direction: keyboard ↑↓←→
Attack:number pad INS(0), jump:number pad DEL(.)

2P keyboard Set
Direction:keyboard ↑W ↓S ←A →D
Attack:J ,jump:K ,

Warriors of Fate is the English adaptation of the Japanese arcade game, Tenchi wo Kurau II (天地を喰らう2?赤壁の戦い?), which uses the manga Tenchi wo Kurau (based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story) as the background, and also the sequel of Dynasty Wars (Tenchi wo Kurau in Japan). It was released by Capcom in 1992, an era in which they also published several similar horizontal-scrolling action games such as Final Fight, Captain Commando, King of Dragons, and Knights of the Round.
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